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 even if you don't have
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"If we want to reach real peace in the world, we should start educating our children"  

Mahatma Gandhi

"You give the poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. But if you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime" Chinese Proverb

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"  Nelson Mandela 

"One child, One teacher, One pen and One book can change the world"               Malala Yousufsai 

"When you learn, teach, when you get, give"                 Maya Angelou 

"By teaching you will learn, by learning  you will teach"                 Latin proverb 

"Education is a gift which none can take away"               American proverb 

This site provides a curriculum for teaching English

Yes, we have created a curriculum to help you teach spoken and written English, online or in person. This curriculum is especially designed to enable 'volunteers' - people like us who speak English but are not English teachers professionally - to teach English with minimum hassle.

And guess what! Prior teaching experience or English grammar expertise is NOT required to teach this curriculum. The curriculum itself will guide you what-to-learn-when. 
So if you are interested in learning how to teach, online or offline, English from scratch, then buckle up and check out this full-fledged English teaching curriculum replete with grammar tables, exercises, activities, and teaching tips.

It's all available for free!

This is a full-fledged curriculum that starts with alphabets and helps you take your student to a level at which your student can understand the 'remaining' English by himself - without your help -through google or other means

And we are also planning to provide things which no other curriculum site provides

A lot of people have told us that there is way too much teaching content in the above curriculum which makes it
rather hard to teach with it directly.

We are working on this concern.

Basically, we are planning to hand hold you through this curriculum and help you discover your own personalized curriculum along the way. Your personalized curriculum will fulfill your specific curriculum needs like getting a curriculum for teaching email writing English, ESL English, casual conversational English etc. Possibilities are almost endless!
We will help you build your curriculum by customizing (and helping you customize it yourself) the colossal teaching content that is available in the above curriculum. This is how we will do it:

We plan to create an action focused video course to help you create your own curriculum from scratch

In this video course, We want to provide you the concrete actions you need to take to create your very own personalized curriculum - curriculum that fulfills your student's requirement. These steps will be based on the knowledge and insights that we got while creating our own curriculum.

Want to see a trailer for this video course?

We have prepared a short video course that will help you create a simple 10-page English curriculum. This short curriculum will help your student learn how to introduce himself in English even if  he does not know the alphabets yet. This short curriculum would be your starting point to teach any kind of English, in online or offline manner.  And of course! you don't need a prior teaching experience or expertise in English grammar to take full advantage of this course.