Level Selector test – SS 8, 9, 10 & 11

SS 8 Level selector exercises

  1. Vocabulary (Dictation)-

NOUN-Cinema, beach, railway station, restaurant, computer, Travel photographer, story, places, tourists, palaces, people, animals, birds, rivers, lakes, job, historical places, tourists, class, t-shirt, collection, pictures, mountains, shirts, dosa, mice, school, hospital, market, table, village, island, supermarket
VERB- travels, clicks, visits, loves, travelled, saw
ADJECTIVE-Pleasant, beautiful, sunny

  1. Grammatical exercises –

Exercise 1-

Three years ago Kavita was in Africa. She travelled to many different countries there and saw many things. Last year in January she was in Coorg. It was cold there.  In February she was in Shimla. Shimla was very beautiful. In March she was in Orissa. There were many other tourists there. In April she was in Tamil Nadu. It was hot then.  In May she was at Madhya Pradesh. In June she was at home. This month she is in Delhi. She too has a big collection of wonderful pictures of palaces, mountains, lakes, rivers, animals, birds and people. She also loves her job.

1.When was Kavita in Coorg?
2. Where was Kavita in March?
3. Was Kavita at home in May?
4. Is this true.  Kavita wasn’t in Tamil Nadu is April.

Exercise 2-

Fill in the blanks in the sentences below using the past tense of the verb ‘be’ and by choosing the appropriate place of work for each professional from the list given below.

Places of work-bakery, court, school, kitchen, police station, hospital


  1. The doctor _____ (be) at _________(place of work) yesterday.
  2. The teacher ______(not be) at ___________(place of work) on Friday.
  3. The judge _________(be) in _________ (place of work) last Monday and Tuesday.
  4. The policemen _____(be) at the _________ (place of work) at 2 AM last night.
  5. The baker _____(not be) at____________ (place of work) this morning.
  6. The chefs _____(not be) in ________(place of work) last night.


  1. Self Exercise (Focus on spoken English aspect)


  1. Where were you last night?
  2. Did you study yesterday?
  3. Who was in English class with you on Saturday?

SS 9 Level selector exercises

  1. Vocabulary (Dictation)-

NOUN- weather, Hair, height, inches, relative, cousins, aunt, uncle, morning, puppet show, beach, seaside, earthquake, Summer, office, surprise birthday party, song, mood

ADJECTIVE- Cloudy, windy, rainy, sunny, snowy, Married, right, thirsty, sleepy, lucky, good, Poor, hot, sad, surprised, mall, clean, ill, hungry, tasty, late, angry, Excited, hurt, overjoyed, busy, tired

VERB- remember, wished, went, shouted, came, changed

ADVERB- unfortunately

  1. Grammatical exercises –

Exercise 1-

 Fill in the blanks with was/wasn’t/were/weren’t.

I remember this day very well. I ____ fourteen years old. My hair _____ long and my height _____ 5 feet 4 inches. I ____ with my mother and her relatives at the seaside. My father ___ not there. We _____ at the beach. My cousins __________also there. My aunt and uncle _______ with us on that day. It ____ a beautiful morning. There _______ a Chhota Bheem puppet show on the beach that day. We ___ all very happy.

Exercise 2-

Create a sentence using the words below and the correct form of the adjective ‘to be’. Sometimes the adjective needs to appear twice in a sentence and in different tenses.

  1. Meeting/ I/ to/ the/ late
  2. Lucky/ friend/ very/ my
  3. 21st/the/ yesterday/ the/ today/ 22nd
  4. Policeman/ firefighter/ Shyam/ not/ a/ a/and


  1. Self Exercise (Focus on spoken English aspect)

Exercise 1-

When were you last-

Happy, angry, sad, tired, surprised, ill

Exercise 2-

How were the following people yesterday? (use adjectives)

  • You
  • Your mother
  • Your sibling
  • Your friend
  • Your teacher

SS 10 Level selector exercises

  1. Vocabulary (Dictation)-

NOUN-Restaurant, dal and rice, train, table, chair, hall, Fruits, vegetables, chips, information, store, week, mistake, money, garden, breakfast, bicycle, happiness, teeth,

VERB-Play, like, eat, forget, travel, miss, ride, go, fly, know, make, grow, feel, work, meet, pay,  buy, visit, get, see, go, think, copy, know, put, speak, Visit, love, see, meet, work, read arrive, is, find, sit, reach, take, Meet, go, lose, have, cry, wash,n Slept, ate, played, drank, took, feels (well), watched, find, stop, call, make, appoint, start, finish, Jumped, got up, washed, stood, put on (clothes), cleaned, rubbed, brushed (hair), packed, sat, went, opened, saw, picked, said, got, ran

ADJECTIVE-Favourite, open, tired, excellent

PHRASE-All right

Exercise 12 & 14-(If these exercises are taught to the students)

NOUN-Ahimsa, lawyer, freedom fighter, father of the nation, Roman Catholic Missionary, Nobel Prize for Peace/Literature, AIDS, leprosy, tuberculosis, Bharat ratna, painter, writer, queen, warrior, Revolt of 1857, religious philosophies, orator, founder, education, orphanages, schools, the poor, world, astronaut, space, space shuttle, professor, philosopher, Vice President, President, Teacher’s Day, Birthday, Tea stall, bus terminus, political organization, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, leader, economic growth, human development, government, riots

VERB-Killed, died, born, believed, wrote, won, fought, work, spread, crashed, celebrated, Helped, praised, encouraging, criticised, failed, improved

ADJECTIVE-brave, current

ADVERB-(work) hard, significantly

  1. Grammatical exercises –

Exercise 1-

Fill in the blanks using the simple past tense of the verbs given in brackets.

My sister__________(play) computer games yesterday.

I __________( not like) the food in the restaurant.

We _________(eat) dal and rice for dinner.

My brother_________(forget) his watch at home.

The Patels _________(travel) to London last year.

Sania_________(miss) the train.

Last month the man _________(ride) a horse.

Sana __________ (go) to Hong Kong last year.

The birds ______(fly) in the sky this morning.

I _____(know) Tejas’ house last year.


Exercise 2-


Yesterday, Raashi slept a lot. She ate fresh fruit and vegetables and she drank lots of water. She played kho kho with her friends and then she took a shower in the afternoon. She had sambar-rice for dinner. Today, Raashi feels very well. Her friend, Aashna, didn’t sleep a lot. She ate too many chips and biscuits and she drank lots of soda. She watched the TV all day. She had three burgers for dinner. Today, Aashna doesn’t feel well.

Answer these questions.

What did Raashi eat yesterday?

………………………………………………….……………………… .

What did Raashi drink?


Write Questions.


She drank lots of soda

2………………………………………………..….……………………. ?

She ate too many chips and cookies.


  1. Self Exercise (Focus on spoken English aspect)


 Tell us about yourself. Which of the following activities did you do yesterday? Answer by writing positive and negative sentences in simple past tense.

Activity list-

eat rice, play with friends, watch TV, do homework, run, go to school, learn English, dance, read the newspaper, write a letter, drink milk, wash your hair, sleep before 10.30 PM, reach school on time, answer questions in class, cry.


 SS 11 Level Selector tests

  1. Vocabulary (Dictation)-

Exercise 1-
NOUN-Phone, music, cake, dress, test
VERB-Listen (to music), buy, study, bake, dance, talk

Exercise 2-
NOUN-Jeans, bedroom, football, sitar
VERB-wear, play, rain, study, live, do, have

  1. Grammatical exercises –

1.Rewrite the sentences in the Past Continuous. Also write negative sentence. Follow the example.

Dhvani is washing her car.

Yesterday morning Dhvani was washing the car.

Negative- Yesterday morning Dhvani was not washing the car.

Aarav is listening to music.

Yesterday _________________________


Pranay is talking on the phone.

Last night _________________________


Nishita is buying a new dress.

Two days ago ______________________


My mother is baking a cake.

Last Sunday _________________________


They are studying for the test.

The day before yesterday ______________


Jaimin and I are dancing.

Last weekend ________________________


2. Complete the sentences. Use the Past Continuous.

Sriti _________(wear) blue jeans.

They _________(not play) football because it _________(rain).

_________ she _________ (study) in her bedroom?

I _________(play) the sitar last evening.

Jay _________(not live) in Luckhnow in 2005.

What _________ you _________ (do) last Saturday afternnon?

Abhi and Pragya _________(do homework) some time ago.

Where _________he_________ (have) dinner?

3. Self Exercise (Focus on spoken English aspect)

  Ask the student what they were doing at different times of the day?

  • at 7 am
  • at 9 am
  • at 11 am
  • at 12 pm
  • at 2 pm
  • at 5 pm
  • at 7 pm
  • at 9 pm

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