Sentence Structure- 11

This is the eleventh SS for Level 1. To understand this SS student is expected to have a working knowledge upto SS-10. You can confirm their knowledge by taking them through the <Level selector tests>

How to use this SS-

After setting up the class follow these steps:

First, cover the vocabulary section by explaining to the student the meaning of the words in their local language. Ask the students to note down these word meanings in their notebook. The words in the vocabulary section (below) will be used in the table which we will create next.

Now, recreate the table (below) on the black board (you can use fewer words in column 3 to speed it up). After this, make some sentences using the match the following style i.e. choose one word from 1st column then choose an appropriate word from second and then choose the appropriate 3rd column phrase/word. Demonstrate this process to the students and lead them to make few more sentences like this. A few sample sentences made using the table words are given below the table for quick reference.

After this stage students when you feel that students have some clarity about the Table then begin the individual exercises. The exercises can be taught in any order but it is recommended to teach them in the given order. After the exercises move on to the story section. This section is made so that students are able to apply all the sentences taught in this SS in their day to day conversations.

About this SS-

Past Continuous Tense



Exercise 1-
NOUN-Phone, music, cake, dress, test
VERB-Listen (to music), buy, study, bake, dance, talk

Exercise 2-
NOUN-Jeans, bedroom, football, sitar
VERB-wear, play, rain, study, live, do, have

Exercise 3-
NOUN-Accident, groceries, hotel, coffee, bus, cycles
VERB-Interrogating, driving, waiting, buying, jogging, drinking, riding

Exercise 4-
NOUN-Shop, line, burger, cola, volleyball, beach, swimming pool, milk, supermarket, cinema, pop corn, city center, taxi, dogs, park
VERB-Standing, eating, getting (into a taxi), talking, visiting, watching, walking

Exercise 5-
VERB- Living, studying, sleeping

Exercise 6-
VERB- Whistling, looking, reading, sleeping

Exercise 7-
NOUN-Object, ice cream, noise, sky, colour, sea, seconds, explanation
VERB-Swimming, resting, heard, looked, saw, moving, ran, came, stood, started, changed
ADVERB-Slowly, fast, suddenly
ADJECTIVE-Loud, long, green, few, invisible

Exercise 8-
NOUN-Journalist, minister, exam, exam, newspaper, article, computer game, lecture
VERB-Interviewing, giving, cooking

Exercise 9-
NOUN-Kite, duck, dog, cat
VERB-Flying, skipping, skating

Exercise 10-
NOUN-email, meal, arm
VERB-Preparing, washing, crying, working, skiing, eating, walking, cleaning, fighting, sleeping, feeding, rang, arrived, broken down, broke
ADJECTIVE-Light (meal)


The Table




Verb 1   

Verb 2


Phrase1 (what)


Phrase2(with/for + whom)(with what)





Itmy brother || her sister ||their cousin || our friend || his best friend || her close friend || your  younger sister  || your classmate || my teacher
Play => playing
Eat => eating
Enjoy => enjoying
Sit => sitting
Stand => standing
Write => writing
Study => studying
Learn => learning
Live => living
Watch  =>  watching
biryanisambharbooksa school bagin HyderabadEnglishTelugu

a blue pen



with/to/for +person (my brother || her sister Mira) in the garden
at the school
with my friend
with my family
on the table
 yesterday At 5 pmat 9m last MondayAt 6 30 AM on Eidfrom 9 am to 2 pm 3 days backat that time.

Sample Sentences:
I was playing kho-kho yesterday at 5 pm (no phrase 2 and 3). My brother was studying English at that time (no phrase 2 and 3). My mother was talking to her sister Mira at that time (no phrase 1 and 3). My sister was eating dosa with her friend in her room at that time.
My father was standing in the garden at that time. (no phrase 1 and 3)

Interrogative Table-

What/ where/when/with whom/ with what was he
her brother
his Sister
with yesterdaylast Sundaylast night
at 3 PM?
were you
Theytheir unclesher brothers

Sample Sentences:

What was her brother playing with yesterday?
Where were their brothers eating at 3PM? (skipped column 5)
With whom was her sister studying last night?




1.Rewrite the sentences in the Past Continuous. Also write negative sentence. Follow the example.

Dhvani is washing her car.

Yesterday morning Dhvani was washing the car.

Negative- Yesterday morning Dhvani was not washing the car.

  1. Aarav is listening to music.

Yesterday _________________________


  1. Pranay is talking on the phone.

Last night _________________________


  1. Nishita is buying a new dress.

Two days ago ______________________


  1. My mother is baking a cake.

Last Sunday _________________________


  1. They are studying for the test.

The day before yesterday ______________


  1. Jaimin and I are dancing.

Last weekend ________________________


2. Complete the sentences. Use the Past Continuous.

  1. Sriti _________(wear) blue jeans.
  2. They _________(not play) football because it _________(rain).
  3. _________ she _________ (study) in her bedroom?
  4. I _________(play) the sitar last evening.
  5. Jay _________(not live) in Luckhnow in 2005.
  6. What _________ you _________ (do) last Saturday afternnon?
  7. Abhi and Pragya _________(do homework) some time ago.
  8. Where _________he_________ (have) dinner?


3 . ss11-1

There was a car accident at 10:20 this morning.

Now the policeman is interrogating people to know how it happened.

 Let us look at what the following people were doing when the accident happened.


Anuj was buying groceries.


Rakesh was talking on the phone while driving.


Ishita was jogging.


Miss Mehra and Miss Arora were drinking coffee in a hotel.


Alia and Abhi were riding their cycles.


Smita was waiting for the bus.

Now answer the following questions.

  1. What was Abhi doing when the accident happened?
  2. What was Rakesh doing when the accident happened?
  3. What was Smita doing when the accident happened?
  4. Which of the following statements are not true?
  5. i) Ishita was jogging when the accident happened.
    ii) Alia was jogging when the accident happened.
    iii) Miss Mehra and Miss Arora were riding their cycles when the accident happened.
  6. Who was buying groceries when the accident happened?
  7. Who was drinking coffee when the accident happened?
  8. Was Smita dancing when the accident happened?
  9. Was Abhi riding his cycle when the accident happened?
  10. Which of the people above do you think is responsible for the accident? Why?
  11. What were you doing at the time of the accident?

4.Write what the following people were doing when they met the particular celebrity. The first one has been done as an example for you

TanyaVishwanathan Anandin a shop in Mumbai,standing in the line AyaanShah Rukh Khanin McDonalds,eating a burger and drinking Cola DhruviPriyanka Chopraon the beach in Goa,playing volleyball with her friends
NidhiDeepika Padukonenext to the Char Minar,getting into a taxi SiddharthVirat Kohliat the swimming pool,talking with his friend RiddhiRajnikantin the supermarket,buying some milk
AdityaSachin Tendulkarin Udaipur,visiting the famous City Palace RahulAmitabh Bachanin the cinema,watching a film and eating pop-corn AnishaSaina Nehwaloutside my house,talking on the phone

Example- Tanya met Vishwanathan Anand in a shop in Mumbai when she was standing in the line.

5. Write these sentences in the correct order.

  1. were / We / studying / English
  2. living / Musoorie / I / in / was
  3. They / waiting / weren’t / for / us
  4. at / sleeping / Were / you / eleven?

6. Fill in the blanks with past continuous tense and then identify the children in the picture.



What was happening in class yesterday at 8.20?

Abhi was sitting near the window and whistling.Nidhi and Aayush ________ (look) at a photo. Devanshi ______ (not talk) to Dhruv. She _____ (sleep). Dhruv ______ (read) a book.


7. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow.


My name is Meghna. Last month I was at the beach with Parth, Abhi and Shruti. Parth was swimming and I was resting. Abhi and Shruti were buying an ice cream at a shop.

Suddenly we heard a loud noise. We looked up and saw this object in the sky. It was long and green in colour. It was moving slowly.

Parth ran out of the sea. We were looking at the object when it suddenly changed colour to red. Abhi and Shruti came and stood next to us. We were all looking at it. The object changed to blue and started moving very fast. In a few seconds it was invisible. We talked to a lot of people on the beach, but they didn’t have any explanation.


A. Put the sentences given below in the correct sequence as they occur in the passage.

  • She heard a very loud noise.
  • The object changed to blue.
  • The object disappeared.
  • She saw a long object in the sky.
  • Meghna was resting.
  • The object changed to red.

B. Read the text again and answer the questions below.

a) Where were Meghna and her friends last month?

b) What was Meghna doing?

c) Why did they look up?

d) What was Parth’s reaction?

e) Did the object change colours?

f) What were they doing when the object changed to red?

g) Was the object moving slowly when it became invisible?

 C. Fill in the blanks by using the Past Continuous or Simple Past tense of the verbs given in brackets.

a) Meghna ____________________________(have) fun with her friends when a strange object ____________________ (appear) in the sky.

b) The object____________________________ (become) red while the people __________________________________ (watch) it.

c) When the oject ____________________________ (disappear), it ________________________________(fly) fast.

8. Fill in the blanks using the past continuous tense of the appropriate verb from Column 1.

 readinterviewgivestudywritecookwatchplay 1.    Dr Mehta is _____ a lecture.2.    They_____ a computer game.3.    Sara _____ dinner for the family.4.    You _____ an article for the newspaper.5.    Mihir and I _____ our favourite TV show.6.    My father _____ the newspaper.7.    Nikit _____ for the exam.8.    The journalist _____ the minister. 


9. Look at the picture and write down several sentences to describe the picture, using past continuous.


10. ss11-l

11. Tell us about yourself by answering the questions below.

1. What were you doing

a)yesterday evening     b) Last Sunday  c) today morning at 8PM d) two days ago e) Five minutes ago

2. What was your mother doing

a)yesterday evening     b) Last Sunday  c) today morning at 8PM d) two days ago

3. What was your friend doing

a)yesterday evening     b) Last Sunday  c) today morning at 8PM d) two days ago e) Five minutes ago


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PragyaGarg September 27, 2015

Before this SS we was only talking about present tense but I am glad to see the introduction of past- continuous tense. This is the perfect timing to introduce these but i will say we should make the exercise little bit difficult so that students learn much d practice more

Priyaanka September 22, 2015

Till now the sessions discussed about the present tense but what if you want to tell somebody about what you were doing yesterday or so in this session past continuous tense is introduced

AryaLovely September 17, 2015

The table for the concept clarity is brilliantly planned and executed. Student should be asked to incorporate this tense by sharing their recent activities and experience. Students should be encouraged to start thinking in English which will enable them to get a command over the language. Exercises can be simultaneously clubbed with real life examples and experiences.

swati August 7, 2015

After explanation of the topic by teacher, every student can be asked to speak few lines describing activities they did in the past, for better understanding of past-continuous tense.

raaghav August 7, 2015

A good introduction to past-continuous tense would be to spend the first 5-10 minutes asking the kinds what they did after the preceding day’s class. They would provide examples such as “I was playing cricket in the evening”; “I was taking a nap in the afternoon” etc. The teacher could then confirm that they were already speaking in past-continuous tense and carry forward the discussion from there.

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