Sentence Structure 17


This is the seventeenth SS. To understand this SS the students are expected to have working knowledge up to SS 16. You can confirm their knowledge by taking them through the Level Selector Test.

How to use this SS?

This exercise comprises of 5 categories. Each category consists of a number of exercises. 


  • Table 1
  • Table 2
  • table 3
  • Table 4

Subject (modified by preposition)



verb + infinitive/gerund verb (SS 16)

Object (modified by preposition)

time/place prepositional phrase + other prepositional phrase ​


The people of Udaipur

My friend from Lucknow, Radha

Except for Anjali, the whole class

My cousin from Secunderabad

The girl in pink frock


Unlike her brother, she

His class teacher

Because of Radha's illness, Anita

The class 10th toppers of Kondapur

​My father

My mother

Despite the weakness in his body, Rakesh

Along with his sister, she

Among the whole class, only Arpita

One/A person


The victim

Throughout the police room, Everybody

The bus driver​

The bus driver under pressure

The vice captain of the secondary school

My sister

In addition to dance, Mr. Roy

In case of emergency, every student of the school


The medical shop across the street

My school teacher​

enjoy watching

love to eat

will be giving

would be practicing

is most probably visiting

wants to learn

will be going

can easily make


has to felicitate

were studying


quickly made

promised to study

started running fast

could fully understand

must duck

needs to rest


was silent

should drive

was driving



also offered to teach

must follow

do not prefer doing

always keeps

risked jeopardising

films with light hearted comedy

bajra roti

a speech in memory of her late school principal Dr. Roy​

the dance moves on folk songs​

the hospital

the guitar


a birthday card without any help

his parents

the chief guest of the sports competition


the poor beggar on the street

a cake with cherries on top



the lesson on Shakespeare's writings


her body

a rest of 5 months


 the bus with school children

the bus with school children

a speech on Gandhi



the teacher's instruction

our homework

all the essential medicines

her career

with my family on TV on Sunday mornings

along with dal for lunch everyday

for her school's annual day on Wednesday

without any breaks for the concert next friday

now for treatment of her knee pain

by herself during her summer vacations

for sightseeing by himself after work

as a birthday present for her mother

last week regarding his poor performance in the exam

tomorrow in place of Radha

with their schoolmates for class 11th exam till 1 pm last night

yesterday afternoon without any hesitation

for the street kids down the lane three days back

for his mid term exams without any break throughout the evening

towards their mother at the school gate today morning

according to the class teacher

under the table (or any furniture) without any second thought in case of a severe earthquake

before the wrestling match

for his recovery after the incident

about the culprit's mistake last Friday

only along the lanes and at low speed

between the lanes instead of along the lanes​ and at a fast speed on June 6th at 11 am

in front of the whole school inside the auditorium

to school by bicycle with me from our house ​everyday at 7 am

to the student as a dance teacher of the school

within a minute

anyday except Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

according to my mother

because of her careless mistake​

Category 1

Noun + Preposition phrase (pp) i.e. pp modifies the noun.

Example: The boy with the red shirt, the girl from Chandigarh. This use of pp is seen in the subject and object columns of all the tables.

Exercise 1




explosion, cause, problem, solution, relationship, fall (reduction)

​solve, get along,fell (in the sense of reduced)

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first.

1. What caused the explosion? What was the cause……

2. We’re trying to solve the problem. We’re trying to find a solution…

3. She gets along well with her brother. She has a good relationship …

4. Prices have gone up a lot. There has been a big increase…

5. I don’t know how to answer your questions. I can’t think ….

6. I don’t think that a new road is necessary. I don’t think there is any need…

7. The number of people without jobs fell last month. Last month there was a fall….


Exercise 2






​NGO, architect, plan (of a building), funds, contribution, amount, system, suggestions, cheque, cost

​consult, require, estimate, afford, reach out, examine

​underprivileged, grateful


Fill in the blank with one of the following options +the appropriate preposition.

suggestions, problem, solution, relationship

· What’s the matter?

· There has been a ……….. our system. We’re trying to find a ……….. it. Do you have any …….. what we can do?

· I think examining the ………. Code X and Code Y will give you your answers.

· Yes! You’re right! How come we didn’t think of this before?

Plan, cheque, need, cost

· Good Morning, Sir! Our NGO works to educate underprivileged kids. We wish to add a new building to our school so that we can reach out to more children. We have already consulted an architect and have a ……. the building ready. We now have a …….. funds.

· How much money do you require?

· We estimate a ………. Rs 25 lakh.

· I’m sorry I can’t afford such a large amount but I’ll gladly write you a ……… 1 lakh.

· We are grateful for your contribution. Thank you!


Exercise 3




​cause connection invitation map reason damage contact key pictures reply party

​unknown independent serious (in terms of damage)

Complete the following sentences by using one of the following nouns + a correct preposition.

cause connection invitation map reason damage contact key pictures reply

1. On the wall there were some pictures and a _____ the world.

2. Thank you for the ________ your party next week.

3. Since she left home two years ago, she has had little ____ her family.

4. I can’t open this door. Have you got a _ the other door?

5. The ____ the fire last night at the hotel is still unknown.

6. I wrote to Aashay last week, but I still haven’t got a _____ my letter.

7. Devansh showed me some old _____ the city as it looked some hundred years ago.

8. Charvi has decided to give up her job. I don’t know her ___________ doing this.

9. The two companies are completely independent. There is no _____ them.

10. It wasn’t a bad accident. The ________ the car wasn’t serious.


Exercise 4





​difference, advantage, envelope, reaction, demand, worker, company, raise, public transport, contact


​sharp (rise)

​Chose the correct alternative.

1. There are some differences in/between British and American English.

2. Everything can be explained. There is a reason in/for everything.

3. Money isn’t the solution to/of every problem.

4. The advantage in/of having a car is that you don’t have to rely on public transport.

5. When I opened the envelope I was delighted to find a cheque for/of Rs 5000

6. Anika showed me a photograph of/with the house she lived in as a child.

7. What was Anu’s reaction to/about the news?

8. Kartik and I used to be good friends. Sadly, I don’t have much contact with/between him any more.

9. There has been a sharp rise in/on the cost of living in the last three years.

10. The company has rejected the workers’ demand for /of a raise in/of pay.


Category 2

Adjectives + prepositional phrases

Example: afraid of, happy with etc. Table 3 is exclusively made for this purpose.

Exercise 1





​position, gardener, editor, newspaper, service, restaurant, ages( a lot of time), crowds

​expect, appear, look after, arrive

Afraid, different, interested, proud, responsible, similar, sure, upset, annoyed, astonished, bored,excited, impressed, kind,sorry, surprised

Complete the sentence using one of the following adjectives + the correct preposition. Some of the options need not to be used (extra to confuse).

Afraid, different, interested, proud, responsible, similar, sure, upset, annoyed, astonished, bored, excited, impressed, kind, sorry

1. We’re all ____ going on holiday next week.

2. I was surprised when I met her the first time. She was ___ what I had expected.

3. Thank you for all your help. You have been very ____me.

4. I wouldn’t like to be in her position. I feel ____her.

5. Mrs. Mehta is a very keen gardener. She is very _____ her garden.

6. Why do you always get so __________ little things.

7. The editor is the person _____ what appears in a newspaper.

8. I wasn’t very ________ the service in the restaurant. We had to wait for ages before our food arrived.

9. Don’t worry, I will look after you. There is nothing to be ____.

10. Mayur isn’t happy at college. He says he is _________the course he is doing.

11. “Do you want to watch the news in the evening?” “No, I am not that ___the news”

12. I had never seen so many people before. I was _____ the crowds.

13. I think she is arriving this evening but I’m not _______that.


Exercise 2






​repair, interact, remember

brilliant, hopeless

Write some sentences about yourself. Are you good at the following things or not? Use:

brilliant very good not very good quite good hopeless

1. (repairing things)

2. (telling jokes)

3. (mathematics)

4. (remembering names)

5. (interacting with new people)

Exercise 3




present (gift), situation, progress

​delighted, careless, satisfied, disappointed, excited, worried, unlocked, fed up

Choose the correct alternative.

1. I was delighted by/with the present you gave me.

2. It was a bit careless by/of you to leave the door unlocked when you went out.

3. Are you angry with/about what happened?

4. Are you still upset with/about what I said to you yesterday?

5. The teacher wasn’t very satisfied by/with his progress.

6. We always have the same food every day. I am fed up with/of it.

7. We were a little disappointed in/with the hotel on our holiday.

8. He said he was sorry about/for the situation.

9. Sagar starts his new job next week. He is quite excited about/for it.

10. Tapan does not look very well. I am worried for/about him.


Exercise 4





​city centre, tourists, furniture


​suspicious, keen, short of

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first.

1. There were lots of tourists in the city centre. The city centre was crowded ___________

2. There was a lot of furniture in the room. The room was full ______________

3. I don’t like the sport very much. I am not very keen _____________.

4. We haven’t got enough time. We’re a bit short _______.

5. I’m not a very good tennis player. I’m not very good ___________.

6. Devika’s husband is a Maharashtrian. Devika is married ___________.

7. I don’t trust Manoj. I am suspicious _________.

8. My problem is not the same as yours. My problem is different_________


Exercise 5





​move, apprehension

​fear, expect

​apprehensive, difficult, impress

Imagine you have moved to a new city . Tell us how you feel. Use preposition phrases to answer the questions given below.

NOTE: The material in the bracket is a pointer for teachers only. She may decide if she wants to give students the hints as to which preposition to use in each answer or not.

Had you expected the move? (not/surprised by it)

Are you happy to move? (not/happy with the move)

What do you fear? (afraid of not being able to find new friends)/ What are your apprehensions? (apprehensive about being able to find new friends)

What excites you? (excited about joining a new school, making new friends)

What do you find difficult? ( have difficulty in remembering roads etc)

Does anything about the new place impress you? What disappoints you (impressed with the cleanliness, disappointed by the lack of punctuality in the people etc)

Exercise 6







​annoyed, terrified, aware, typical, talented, scary, narrow (margin)

Complete the sentence on the right with the help of the adjective given in the bracket + an appropriate preposition.

1. Why are you not talking to me? That’s because I’m (annoyed) you

2. It’s your birthday in three days! Yes, I’m very (excited) it

3. He lost the match (narrow margin). I am (sorry) him.

4. He’s a very talented boy. Yes. Even the headmaster is (impressed) him.

5. Do you think dogs are scary. Yes, I’m (terrified) them.

6. Did you know he was married? No, I wasn’t (aware) that.

7. Can you lend me some cash? I’m a bit (short) money.

8. He’s late again. I’m not surprised. That’s (typical) him


Exercise 7






​decision, consequences, referendum, volunteer program, donation, implications, innovation, product, market

​exit, associate, spare, contribute, request, accept, offer

​amazed, mindless, kind, capable, responsible

​to the table

All the conversations make use of the wrong preposition after adjectives. identify them and correct the errors.


· Are you happy in the UK’s decision to exit the EU?

· Not really. I’m really disappointed in it, in fact. I’m also apprehensive of the consequences of the decision.

· Me too! I’m also amazed with the number of people who voted without thinking the consequences through. I’m very angry on these mindless people. Did they think the referendum was a joke?


· Are you interested with our new volunteer program?

· I am. I would love to associate with you. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to spare currently.

However, I would love to contribute in some way and would request you to accept a donation cheque on Rs4000.

· Thank you. That’s very kind for you.


· Are you aware on the implications in your decision?

· Yes, I am aware that the road ahead will be full with difficulties but I think I am capable for overcoming them.

· That’s good. I too believe that you will succeed because you really are good in what you do and interested with what you are doing. Also your product is different to the ones the market currently offers.

· Exactly! I have always been keen for bringing something new to the table and being responsible about bringing innovation to the company.


Exercise 8



​afraid, interested, married, fed up

Match the following

1. He’s afraid

2. She’s interested

3. She’s married

4. She’s very good

5. He’s fed up


Exercise 9



​fed up, disappointed, proud, jealous, fond, ashamed

Write sentences about yourself. Use the words in the brackets.

1 (interested) I’m interested in sport.

2 (afraid)

3 (not very good)

4 (not interested)

5 (fed up)

6 (disappointed)







Category 3

Linking verbs (e.g. is, am, will be etc) + prepositional phrase

This is covered in table 2.

Exercise 1




​agro fair, cattle, lab, bout, boxing ring, weather

​extreme, false

Complete the following sentences by choosing the correct alternative from the box given below.

By himself, in spite of the extreme weather, instead of room, for three days, for her bout, according to my teacher, along with their cattle, instead of the school

1. The child was in the park _________________

2. My sister will be in Pattaya _____________

3. The little boys are in the park ______________

4. The farmers from my village will be at the agro fair on Saturday ____________

5. His classmates were in room P9 _____________

6. Shanaya is in the boxing ring _____________

7. They are in the fields _______________

8. The news is false _________________


Category 4

Verb + prepositional phrase combinations

Example: look at, find out, start with etc. Table 4 contains example of this.

Exercise 1

​Fill in the blanks with one of the following verbs ( in the correct form) + the correct preposition.






​Prison, police, meal, reply, argument, sandwich, stones, haircuts, condition(state), luck, waiter

​apply ask do leave look search wait explain invite laugh listen glance throw throw speak write, escape, finish

​unemployed, cruel, important, stupid

apply ask do leave look search wait explain invite laugh listen glance throw throw speak write

1. A man escaped from prison. The police are __________ him.

2. We’re still ______ a reply to our letter. We still have not heard anything.

3. I finished my meal and ______ the waiter _____the bill. (one blank for verb, one for preposition)

4. Kavya is unemployed. She has ________ many jobs but she hasn’t had any luck.

5. If something is wrong(clause), why don’t you _______something ______in? (one blank for verb, one for preposition)

6. Sushruta’s car is very old. Still it is in good condition. She _______it well.

7. Ayushi is from Sangli but now she lives in Kohlapur. She ___ Sangli _______ Kohlapur when she was nineteen. (one blank for verb, one for preposition)

8. I look stupid in this haircut. Everybody will _____me.

9. I don’t understand this story. Can you ______it ______ me.

10. I ___________my watch to see what the time was. (clause)

11. We’ve been _________the party. Unfortunately we cannot go.

12. Please _____ me! I’ve got something important to tell you.

13. Don’t ________stones___the birds. It’s cruel.

14. If you don’t want to eat the sandwich, ________it _______the dogs. They will eat it.

15. Tapan and Yashada had an argument and now they are not ___________each other.

16. I __________ Aashna last week. She hasn’t replied to my letter yet.







​Choice, tickets, weather, driving test, ghosts, myths, novels, bucket, culprit

​Accuse believe apologize concentrate divide congratulate fill approve drive happen depend succeed live pay insist accompany travel nab

​rude, cheap, unsafe, drunk, alright, empty


Accuse believe apologize concentrate divide congratulate fill approve drive happen depend succeed live pay insist

1. His parents don’t ___________ his choice.

2. Did you _______the tickets?

3. The poor boy was _______ something he didn’t do.

4. “Are you playing tennis tomorrow?” “I hope so. It ___________the weather.”

5. Things are very cheap there. You can ________very little money.

6. I ________ Alark ________ passing his driving test.

7. You were very rude to Reva. You should __________ her.

8. Kartik _______ on accompanying me home at night. He felt it was unsafe for me to travel alone.

9. What has ________ Jasmine? She doesn’t seem to look alright?

10. The drunk man _____his car ___ wall.

11. It’s a very long novel. Its ____________four parts.

12. I don’t _______ghosts. I think they’re a myth.

13. Awanti gave me an empty bucket. She asked me to _______it _____ water.

14. Don’t try and do too many things at once. __________one thing at a time.

15. The police ____________nabbing the culprit.


Exercise 2






​town, camera, coat, babysitter, keys, pillow

​borrow, promise

​small, rural, serious, selfish, homesick, special


​A. Complete the following sentences using hear/heard + the correct preposition (of, for, about)

1. I’ve never ______ Dhanush. Who is he?

2. I haven’t ________ Shivani in a long time.

3. “Do you want to ______ my holiday?” “Not now. Tell me later.”

4. I live in a very small town in rural Rajasthan. You have probably never _________it.

​B. Complete the following sentences using the correct form of 'think' and correct preposition from 'of' and 'about'

1. You look serious. What are you ___________.

2. He’s very selfish. He only ________ himself.

3. We are ________ going out for a meal this evening. Would you like to come?

4. Naira is very homesick. She is always _______ her family back home.

5. I don’t know what to get Yash for his birthday. Have you ______something special?

6. I don’t _______much___ coffee. It’s like water.

7. I like to have time to make decisions. I prefer ______things carefully.

​C. Put the correct preposition after 'care'. If no preposition is required, put a -

1. He was very selfish. He didn’t ________ others.

2. Are you hungry? Would you ___________something to eat.

3. Please let me borrow your camera. I promise I’ll take good ____________it.

4. I want to have a good holiday. I don’t _______the cost.

5. “Do you like this coat?” “No, I don’t really ________ the colour.”

​D. Complete the sentences using 'look for' and 'look after'. Use the correct form of look.

1. Aishwarya is __________ a job. I hope she finds one.

2. Who _________you when you were ill? (adverb clause)

3. I’m ___________ Yashvi. Have you seen her?

4. A babysitter ________ people’s children.

5. “I can’t find my keys!” “Did you ________them under your pillow?”


Exercise 3





​misunderstanding, fault, team, salads, fruits, economic crisis, government, crime

​apologize, consist, accuse, blame


​Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.

1. She said I was selfish. She accused me…………………….

2. The misunderstanding was my fault. I apologized. I apologized……………..

3. There are 11 players in a football team. A football team consists………..

4. She eats only salads and fruits. She lives…………………………….

5. Do you think the economic crisis is the fault of the government? Do you blame the government……?

6. I think the increase in violent crime is because of television. I blame the increase in……..


Exercise 4







​post, noise, pain, chest, headaches, dangers, street, wedding, chair, task

​touring, discuss, forget, warn, complain, suffer, rely, crash, visit

​awful, strange, unwell


in detail​

​Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentences below.

1. Shamika and Sagar are touring Himachal right now. Currently they are in Naggar. Tomorrow they leave for/to Shimla.

2. I don’t want to go out yet. I am waiting for/since the post to arrive.

3. We discussed about/no preposition the problem in detail. We couldn’t find a solution.

4. I don’t want to talk on/about what happened. Let’s forget it.

5. Atharva apologized to/no preposition Chinmay for the misunderstanding.

6. I explained the task to/for everybody.

7. She was so angry she threw a chair on/at him.

8. They invited only a few people in/to their wedding.

9. We warned our children of/for the dangers of playing in the street.

10. Mr. Mehta has been complaining of/about pain in his chest. He must visit the doctor.

11. Nandita is often unwell. She suffers with/from severe headaches.

12. You can always rely on/over me

13. She hasn’t got a job. She depends on/off her parents for money.

14. A strange thing happened with/to me a few days ago.

15. There was an awful noise as the car crashed into/in the tree.


Exercise 5

​A. Fill in the blanks with preposition phrases.

​1. Dhvani is looking ___________

2. Janam is listening __________

3. Mr. Mehta is waiting _________

4. Aham​ is talking __________

5. They are looking _________​





​plane, moon

​swam, flew, ran, broke, drove

  1. The dog swam_______
  2. A book fell_______
  3. A plane flew_______
  4. A woman got_______
  5. A girl ran_______
  6. Suddenly a car came_______
  7. They drove_______
  8. They got_______
  9. The moon travels_______
  10. They broke_______





free seat, bike, window

rode, got on, turned, went


Exercise 6




​collision, cities, information

​bought, spent, collided, prefer, provide

​Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.

  1. There was a collision between a bus and a car. A bus collided…………
  2. I don’t mind big cities but I prefer small towns. I prefer……..
  3. I got all the information I needed from Zinnia. Zinnia provided…..
  4. This morning I bought a dress that cost Rs 600. This morning I spent……


Exercise 7




​accident, play

​translate, crash

​Use your own ideas to complete these sentences. Use preposition phrases.

  1. I spend quite a lot of money
  2. I saw the accident. The car crashed
  3. Yashada prefers basketball
  4. Kalidas’ plays have been translated


Category 5

Prepositional Phrases occurring anywhere in the sentence to give it a more nuanced meaning.

Example: After the match, we ate ice-cream. I play cricket every day before sunset. . This is seen in several places in Table 2, 3 and 4.

Exercise 1




​astronaut, roof, store, street, childhood, capital, citizens, ladies, distance, specs, partner, activity

​round, wise, higher

First complete the following sentences by choosing the correct alternative. Thereafter rewrite the sentences by shifting the part of the sentence with the second preposition phrase to the front.

NOTE- the teacher may give pointers I have given in the bracket if she feels the exercise will be too hard for the students otherwise

  1. The busy city of/in Mumbai is the capital of/for Maharashtra. (The capital…)
  2. They are citizens of/ from Mauritius unlike/dislike me. (Unlike/Dislike me…)
  3. The ladies in/with that group are her best friends despite of/ in spite of the distance between them.(Despite of/ in spite of the distance…)
  4. The boy with/by the round specs is her partner for/of the next activity. (for/of the next activity…)
  5. The astronaut from/of Russia should be on/over the moon by/on 12 o’clock tomorrow. (By/On 12 o’ clock tomorrow…)
  6. The decision taken by/with the people of/from UK is not wise according to/according with my sister. (According to/with my sister…)
  7. The house with/under the red roof is just beside/by the store across/along the street. (Just beside/by the store…)
  8. Since/Until childhood her weight has been in/on the higher side. (Her weight…)


Category: General

This category contains prepositions from all the previous 5 categories.

Exercise 1




​chores, hill, wardrobe, toy


NOTE: Very basic. May be skipped if the teacher so wishes, but it is a good way to ensure that students are clear with the concept of Prepositional phrases.

A prepositional phrase is made by putting together a preposition with the object of that preposition. To identify a prepositional phrase in a sentence you need to find the preposition, then the object of that preposition. Then you just have to put two together and you will have the preposition phrase.

Preposition + Object of the Preposition = Prepositional Phrase

Example:" Gia ran towards the finish line."

The preposition is “towards”.

The object of the preposition is “the finish line”.

“towards” + “the finish line” = “towards the finish line”

The prepositional phrase is "towards the finish line".

Now use this simple method to find the prepositional phrases below:

1. Harshika ran up the hill.

a. The preposition is

b. The object of the preposition is

a. + b. =

c. The prepositional phrase is

2. Nihaar was only allowed to play football after he finished his chores.

a. The preposition is

b. The object of the preposition is

a. + b. =

c. The prepositional phrase is

3. Dhruv hid his sister’s toy above his wardrobe.

a. The preposition is

b. The object of the preposition is

a. + b. =

c. The prepositional phrase is


Exercise 2






​foreign exchange student, bandage, neighbourhood, wound, hospital, surgery, candidate, speech, voting, puddles, tournament, speed, fraction, watermelon, block, stairs

​park, cover, drive, try, leave, travel, finish, walk, visit, leave, escape, stay, wander, cover

​strange, confused, crazy

​at any cost

Underline the prepositional phrase in each sentence. Circle the preposition.

1. The confused foreign exchange student walked through the school halls.

2. My cousin Tanishk wore a bandage on his nose to cover the wound.

3. Our crazy dog escaped and wandered all around the neighbourhood.

4. Your little brother had surgery and must stay in the hospital.

5. Mr.Thakur had to drive through the large puddles.

6. Anvita came to visit from France.

7. We walked up the stairs.

8. My mom took a walk around the block.

9. I looked under my bed.

10. The girl looked behind the door for her friend.

11. Don’t leave without your coat.

12. During lunch we had a basketball tournament.

13. The car travelled at a high speed.

14. For a fraction of the cost you can buy a watermelon.

15.The boy tried to finish the race at any cost.


Exercise 3







​driver, glory, fear, engine, crash, seats, exhaust pipe, wheels, some, muffler, ramp, sparks, fans, gold crown, brick wall, wreck, monster truck, dirt track, dust cloud, pile, arena, claw, corner, gasoline, risks, finish line

​land, cross, tie,(finish together), shine, raced, catch, grab, pour, jump, roll, swing, miss, revved, cheered

​burning, blazing, toxic, parked, famous, damaged, lined, flaming


​behind the wheel

Read each sentence. Identify the complete prepositional phrase. Circle your response.

With Monster Trucks....

1. Fighter-Truck jumped over a burning pile of cars.

a) over

b) over cars

c) over a pile of cars

d) over a burning pile of cars

2. Lugnut landed hard on the dirt track and made a big dust cloud.

a) on the dirt

b) on the dirt track

c) hard on the dirt track

d) on the dirt track and made

3. King Crush was tied with Lugnut as they crossed the finish line.

a) tied with b) the finish line

c) with Lugnut

d) crossed the finish line

4. King Crush's truck had a gold crown on the roof and it shined as he drove.

a) on the roof

b) as he drove

c) and it shinned d) on the roof and it shinned

5. Destructor raced around the corner as he tried to catch King Crush.

a) as he tried

b) around the corner

c) raced around the corner

d) around the corner as he tried

6. Truckavore grabbed a small car with its claw and ate it.

a) ate it

b) and ate it

c) with its claw

d) with its claw and ate it

7. When King Crush drove into the arena, all the kids cheered.

a) into the

b) into the arena

c) drove into the arena

d) King Crush drove into the arena

8. Sparks shot from Destructor's muffler when he hit the ramp.

a) Destructor's muffler

b) from Destructor's muffler

c) shot from Destructor's muffler

d) from Destructor's muffler when

9. Fighter-Truck drove through the blazing ring.

a) the blazing ring

b) through the blazing

c) through the blazing ring

d) drove through the blazing ring

10. Lugnut crossed the finish line on two wheels.

a) on two wheels

b) the finish line

c) the finish line on two wheels

d) crossed the finish line on two wheels

11. Toxic smoke poured from Lugnut's exhaust pipe.

a) from Lugnut's

b) from Lugnut's exhaust

c) poured from Lugnut's

d) from Lugnut's exhaust pipe

12. Destructor drove through a car pile.

a) pile

b) car pile

c) through a car pile

d) drove through a car pile

13. King Crush jumped over twelve buses.

a) over twelve

b) over buses

c) over twelve buses

d) jumped over twelve buses

14. King Crush rolled over Fighter-Truck while he was parked.

a) over Fighter-Truck

b) he was parked

c) while he was parked

d) rolled over Fighter-Truck

15. Lugnut couldn't finish the race without getting more gasoline.

a) gasoline

b) more gasoline

c) getting more gasoline

d) without getting more gasoline

16. King Crush is famous for his power jumps.

a) power jumps

b) his power jumps

c) for his power jumps

d) famous for his power jumps

17. Drivers face big risks each time they get behind the wheel.

a) behind the wheel

b) get behind the wheel

c) they get behind the wheel

d) every time they get behind the wheel

18. Lugnut's driver was racing for the glory.

a) the glory

b) racing for the glory

c) was racing for the glory

d) for the glory

19. Fear was in the air as King Crush revved his engine.

a) in the air

b) in the air as

c) in the air as King Crush

d) in the air as King Crush revved his engine

20. King Crush was still the champ after the race.

a) was still

b) after the race

c) champ after the race

d) still the champ

21. Truckavore has a claw on his roof.

a) roof

b) his roof

c) on his roof

d) claw on his roof

22. King Crush was damaged during the big crash.

a) big crash

b) was damaged

c) the big crash

d) during the big crash

23. The seats were lined with Truckavore's fans.

a) with fans

b) with Truckavore's fans

c) lined with Truckavore's fans

d) were lined with Truckavore's fans

24. Lugnut was buried under the wreck.

a) was buried

b) under the wreck

c) buried under the wreck

d) was buried under the wreck

25. Truckavore swung his claw at King Crush but he missed.

a) at King Crush

b) he missed

c) but he missed d) at King Crush but he missed

26. Fighter-Truck drove through the brick wall and finished the race.

a) through the brick wall

b) drove through the brick wall

c) through the brick wall and finished

d) through the brick wall and finished the race


Exercise 4




​clown, monkey, store, song

​small, funny, lovely

Writing Prepositional Phrases

I. Rewrite each of the sentences below, and add one prepositional phrase.

1. The funny clowns jumped.

2. The horse ran.

3. They ate dinner.

4. Shaurya threw the ball.

This is an excellent way to encourage students to make pp s by themselves. Add a few more sentences here (both parts).

II. Rewrite each of the sentences below, and add two prepositional phrases.

1. The monster walked.

2. The small monkey climbed a tree.

3. The store sold toys.

4. Mariam and Sara sang a lovely song


Exercise 5



​Preposition phrases (more complex types)

​electricity, river, guidance

in place of, underneath, without, for a change, at least, in spite of, except for, among, within, throughout, apart from, in case of

Make sentences using the following prepositional phrases.

About the book, on Tuesday, by the river, without electricity, for 13 years, for a change, at least a day, under my guidance, in place of Yash, apart from Physics, because of the rains, in case of an emergency, in spite of the rains, underneath the pillow, throughout the year, except for Myra, among the children, within a year.

Exercise 6




​watercolours, companion, duration, art class, painting, destination, directions, start point, scholarship, beautification

​painting, walking

Complete the following sentence using preposition phrases. Pointers have been given to help you. Each pointer MUST be introduced in the sentence with the help of a preposition phrase. In order to make logically and sequentially correct sentences, you may use the pointers in an order different from the one in which they appear in the brackets. One example has been done for you.

I enjoy painting---- (material- watercolours where- art book, school when- art class)

I enjoy painting with watercolours in my art book in school during/in art class

  1. I wrote a letter (receipent- friend, purpose- thank him for his gift, time of writing the letter- morning)
  2. Aarya put up the painting ( where- the wall, her room: purpose- beautification)
  3. I won a scholarships (aim- study art: where- University of Pennsylvania: duration- one year)
  4. I play music (using- my phone:when- walking:where- the park:companion- my dog)


Exercise 7







​post, President, consequence, decision, member, finals, Copa America, penalty shootouts, policy matters, camp, margin, agreements, Brexit motion, party (political)

​contesting, exited, negotiate

​pro(for), slim(margin), economic, political, skeptical


​missing, running (for)

Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct alternative (to fulfil your guidelines about introducing sentences with phrase within phrase)

  1. Donald Trump is running (gerund) for/with the post of/in President of/for America. He is from/of Queens in/at New York. He is from/for the Republican party and is contesting against/with Hillary Clinton of/in the Democratic Party.
  2. Britain recently exited from/to the European Union by/for voting against/for the Brexit motion. The pro exit camp won by/through a slim margin of/with 3.8%. After/Since the Brexit vote, UK will have to negotiate terms and come to agreements on/for important economic, political and other policy matters with/by the other members of/beside the Union. Currently, the world is sceptical about/for the consequences with/of this decision.
  3. Argentina lost to/with Chile in/on the finals of/for the Copa America 16 by/through missing two shots in/for the penalty shootouts


Exercise 8

Complete the sentences below with time phrases. (Multiple possibilities; Teacher must encourage students to come up with as many time phrases as they can)

Category 5 and General

Exercise 1




Preposition phrase

​cargo ship

​sank, travel, spoken

​by chance for ages for a moment in trouble off the coast face to face on the move

Fill in the blanks using the preposition phrases given below. For sentences 3 to 7 also identify and underline the second preposition phrase in the sentence.

by chance, for ages, for a moment, in trouble, off the coast, face to face, on the move

1. Did you see Divya ________?

2. She was ______with the police.

3. As a young man he travelled a lot and was always_____

4. I haven’t spoken to her ________

5. She stopped talking ________and started to laugh.

6. A huge cargo ship sank ______ of Kerala.

7. I’ve spoken with him on the phone but I’ve never met him ________


Exercise 2





​Cancer, meeting, train, starter, meal, post office, instructions, facts

​managed, parked, acted(behaved)

​cordial, curable, excellent

Complete the following sentences using appropriate prepositional phrases. Each question is followed by three suggested answers. Choose the most appropriate one.

1. ……………………….. Nia, they all seemed pretty cordial.

a) except for

b) except with

c) except from

2. ……………………………., cancer is curable.

a) to a great extent

b) for a great extent

c) in a great extent

3. The train was late. ………………………., I managed to get to the meeting in time.

a) in spite of this

b) in spite this

c) inspite of this

4. ……………………… the starter, I thought the meal was excellent.

a) apart with

b) apart from

c) apart for

5. What is the …………………….. you?

a) matter of

b) matter with

c) matter on

6. My car is parked …………………………… the post office.

a) in front of

b) in front

c) in front at

7. He acted ……………………….. my instructions.

a) according with

b) according to

c) accordance with

8. He is ………………………… me.

a) at enmity with

b) at enmity for

c) at enmity

9. I called him ………………………….. my voice.

a) at the top of

b) at the top off

c) with the top of

10. His words are …………………………… the facts.

a) at variance with

b) at variance to

c) at variance of


Exercise 3








performance, result, murderer, behaviour, churches, delay, traffic jam, depression, scientist, century, factory, employee, safety equipment, prisoner, exercise, passengers

insist, prevent, prefer, congratulate, succeed, suffer, reason, bump, demand, apologize, provide, regard, expected

​jealous, crowded, famous, disappointed, upset, keen, fed up, stressful, proper, sold out, difficult, suspicious, engaged, similar, short, fond, capable


​passing, escaping

​take after someone

NOTE: Not preposition phrase as such

Complete the sentences with a suitable verb or adjective plus a preposition. Choose from the following words. There are 5 words you do not need to use.

succeed, jealous, suffer, crowded, famous, disappointed, upset, keen, fed up, reason, bump, similar, apologise, engaged, provide, regard, demand, suspicious, insist, short, fond, capable, prevent, congratulate, prefer

1. You should ___________________(say sorry) your friend ________your behaviour.

2. Kriti is __________________her friend because she has a nicer dress.

3. This city is _________________its beautiful churches.

4. What is the ______________ your delay? Was there a traffic jam?

5. We are ______________money. We need to go to the bank.

6. My mum's eyes are _______________ mine. I take after her. (??) ('take after someone is a common phrase which to be similar to an older person in your family)​

7. I was really ______________ the film yesterday. It was nothing like I expected.

8. Before Anya married Aarav she had been _______________him for 3 years.

9. Nowadays many people _______________depression because of stressful life.

10. Luckily I ________________ passing the test. I am so happy!

11. I am ________________ your behaviour. I’ve had enough of it!

12. The bus was ______________ passengers, so I could hardly move.

13. The factory ____________ the employees _________ proper safety equipment.

14. He is ______________the most famous scientist of the century.

15. There is a great ________________this performance. All the tickets have been sold out.

16. He isn’t ___________________doing this exercise. It is too difficult.

17. The police were ________________him. They thought he was the murderer.

18. They could hardly ____________(stop) the prisoner __________escaping.

19. I ____________(like better) tea _________coffee.

20. Let me ______________you____________your exam results.



Exercise 1





​cinema, driving lesson, party



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