Sentence structure 8


​This is the eighth SS for Level 1. To understand this SS student is expected to have a working knowledge upto SS-7. You can confirm their knowledge by taking them through the Level Selector Test.

How to use this SS?

After setting up the class follow these steps:

First, cover the vocabulary section by explaining to the student the meaning of the words in their local language. Ask the students to note down these word meanings in their notebook. The words in the vocabulary section (below) will be used in the table which we will create next.

Now, recreate the table (below) on the black board (you can use fewer words in column 3 to speed it up). After this, make some sentences using the match the following style i.e. choose one word from 1st column then choose an appropriate word from second and then choose the appropriate 3rd column phrase/word. Demonstrate this process to the students and lead them to make few more sentences like this. A few sample sentences made using the table words are given below the table for quick reference.

After this stage students when you feel that students have some clarity about the Table then begin the individual exercises. The exercises can be taught in any order but it is recommended to teach them in the given order. After the exercises move on to the story section. This section is made so that students are able to apply all the sentences taught in this SS in their day to day conversations.


  • Table 1
  • Table 2

​Interrogative table



her sister

his brother




last night


day before yesterday

last week

last Sunday/Monday




their uncles

her sisters

Using the Table


Exercise 1



​Cinema, beach, railway station, restaurant

​Where were these people yesterday at 3 o' clock in the afternoon?

  1. Anuj was in bed at 3 o’ clock yesterday afternoon.
  2. Pragya and Abhi ______________________
  3. Amisha _____________________________
  4. and Mrs. Khanna __________________
  5. Shrey _______________________________
  6. And you? I ___________________________

Exercise 2




​Where was the cat at the following times?Answer in the full sentences.

Yesterday afternoon

Last Sunday

On Thursday morning

5 minutes ago

Last night​

Exercise 3





​Travel photographer, story, places, tourists, palaces, people, animals, birds, rivers, lakes, job, historical places, tourists, collection, pictures, mountains

Present tense- travels, clicks, visits, loves

Past tense- traveled, saw​

​Pleasant, beautiful

NOTE: This exercise contains the past tense of some verbs other than ‘be’. The past tense of such verbs has not yet been covered so the teacher should explain them separately.

Anushka is a travel photographer. A travel photographer travels to many beautiful places and clicks pictures. Anushka too travels a lot. Two years ago she was in Europe. She travelled to many different countries there and saw many things. Last year she was in America. This year in January she was in Manali. It was cold there. In February she was in Leh. Leh was very beautiful. In March she was in Uttarakhand. There were many other tourists there. In April she was in Kerela. It was hot then. In May she was at home. In June she was in Rajasthan. It was very pleasant. There were many historical places to visit there. This month she is in Assam. She has a big collection of wonderful pictures of palaces, mountains, lakes, rivers, animals, birds and people. She loves her job.

Neha is also a travel photographer like Anushka. Here is her story.

Three years ago she was in Africa. She travelled to many different countries there and saw many things. Last year in January she was in Coorg. It was cold there. In February she was in Shimla. Shimla was very beautiful. In March she was in Orissa. There were many other tourists there. In April she was in Tamil Nadu. It was hot then. In May she was at Madhya Pradesh. In June she was at home. This month she is in Delhi. She too has a big collection of wonderful pictures of palaces, mountains, lakes, rivers, animals, birds and people. She also loves her job.

  1. When was Anushka in Manali? How was it there?
  2. Where was Anushka in March?
  3. Where was Anushka two years ago? Where was she last year?
  4. Is this true? Neha was in Europe two years ago and she was in America last year.
  5. Was Neha at home in June last year?
  6. Where was Neha in February last year? How was that place?
  7. When was Neha in Tamil Nadu?
  8. Where were you last April?
  9. Complete the table given below.

Where was Neha in the following months last year?

  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July

10. Read the table given below and make sentences similar to the ones given in the passage.

Natasha is also a travel photographer like Anushka and Neha.

Natasha’s Schedule:















Exercise 4



​Cinema, hospital, yoga, class, home, hotel, garden

Study the table below. Then answer the following questions in complete sentences.






​at the club with Dia

​in the hospital at 8AM

​at the cinema at 6PM


​at Yoga class with Tanu at 6AM

at home with Alia

​at Hotel Blue Ray at 8PM


​In English class at 8AM

​in the garden at 5PM

​at home at night

Example: Where was Roshni on Saturday?

Answer: Roshni was at the cinema at 6pm on Saturday.

  1. Who was in English class last Thursday at 8AM?
  2. Who was at Hotel Blue Ray last Saturday?
  3. Was Dhruv in the garden at 5PM last Saturday?
  4. Was Abhi at the club last Thursday?
  5. Where was Roshni last Friday?
  6. When was Abhi at Yoga class?
  7. Where was Dhruv on Saturday night?
  8. Write where Abhi was last Thursday and Friday.
  9. Write where you were last Friday and Saturday.

Exercise 5




​Class, t-shirt, full pants, shorts, school trip, dosa, mice, bench

​Lying, wearing, talking, was clicked, sitting, making

Picture Diary:

In each of the following pictures identify the person being talked about. Later complete the table given below.

(NOTE: If you feel the table filling part will be too hard for your students, you may highlight the parts that will answer the where and when question for them as is done in the first sentence as an example.)

​In this picture Jay is wearing red shorts. He is not wearing a shirt. He is playing with a ball. This picture is from Jay's school trip to Goa in December 2014.

In this picture Priya is wearing a t-shirt and full pants. She is lying on the floor of the park. She is talking with her best friend Ankit. This picture was clicked yesterday.​

In this picture I am sitting on the first bench of my class with Nishant. We are looking at a picture. This picture was clicked five days ago.​

This is Raman's picture. Here Raman is making a dosa in the kitchen of his restaurant. This picture was clicked last month.

​This picture shows many mice in Ms. Saxena’s kitchen. The picture was taken last Thursday.

​Complete the table shown.


Past tense of 'Be'





in Goa/at the beach

in December 2014​




The mice​

Exercise 6



​Bakery, court, school, hospital, police station, doctor, teacher, judge, policeman, baker, chef

​Fill in the blanks in the sentences below using the past tense of the verb 'be' and by choosing the appropriate place of work for each professional from the list given below.

​Places of work: bakery, court, school, kitchen, police station, hospital

  1. The doctor _____ (be) at _________(place of work) yesterday.
  2. The teacher ______(not be) at ___________(place of work) on Friday.
  3. The judge _________(be) in _________ (place of work) last Monday and Tuesday.
  4. The policemen _____(be) at the _________ (place of work) at 2 AM last night.
  5. The baker _____(not be) at____________ (place of work) this morning.
  6. The chefs _____(not be) in ________(place of work) last night.

Exercise 7




​Write sentences in the simple past tense for each picture.The verbs to be used are was/were only.

Header 1 / 1

Example: ​He was in school at 3 PM. (Verb+where+when)

​They…… (Verb + where (in bed)+ when (last night))

​Tarun…… (Verb + where (on the highway)+ when(last Saturday night)

Rajesh……. (Verb+ where+ when(last Thursday))​

​The children….. (Verb + where + when(yesterday evening))

Exercise 8




​Tell us about yourself.

​A. When were you at the following places? Write in full sentences.

  • in the park
  • at school
  • at your friend’s house
  • in a restaurant
  • in the bus
  • in your hometown
  • at Char Minar
  • at the cinema
  • at English class
  • at home
  • in bed
  • at the railway station.

​B. Where were you at the following times?

  • last Sunday
  • 10 minutes ago
  • last night
  • yesterday evening
  • day before yesterday
  • in the summer holidays
  • when your mother called you
  • today morning at 8PM
  • his time last year

Exercise 9



​Market, keys, table, (deserted)island, village, concert

​Fill in the blanks with was/wasn't/were/weren't.

​1. Where ................................ you at 11 o'clock last Friday morning?

Ans.  _____ at the market.

2. This time of the year I ..................... in Agra.​

3. ‘Where are the children?’

Ans. ‘I don’t know. They……. in the garden ten minutes ago.’

4. Where ______ Ankita yesterday? She _______(not) in school.

Ans. I think she _______ in Lonavala.

5.  _________ Nihaar at home last night?

Ans. No he _______________

6. ‘Where are my keys? ‘

Ans. ‘I don’t know.They ..................... on the table but they're not there now.'

7. You ………………….. at home last night . ‘Where ………. you?

B. Fill the gaps with was, were, wasn’t, weren’t.

  1. Robinson Crusoe ______________ alone on a deserted island. 
  2. We _________________ in the village at the weekend.
  3. They ______________ at home in the evening.
  4. I ______________ at a concert on Tuesday.
  5. Divya_______________ at home last Sunday.
  6. Mr and Mrs Mehra __________________ at the shops yesterday.
  7. Sneha_________________ at the cinema yesterday evening.
  8. You ______________ at the cinema last Thursday.

Exercise 10



​Church, supermarket, old city, post office

Complete the statements. Follow the example.

Example: I was at school yesterday, but you weren’t.

  1. He was at the church yesterday, but we ______________.
  2. She was at the supermarket yesterday morning, but I _______________.
  3. I was at the hospital yesterday afternoon, but they _______________.
  4. We were in the old city yesterday night, but he _______________.
  5. They were at the post-office yesterday evening, but you ______________.

Exercise 11




​Party, seaside


​Fill the sentences with was, were, wasn't or weren't.


​at the bakery


My parents

in Goa

last year


in the shop​

two days ago


in school

on Tuesday


at a party

in the evening





at the seaside

last weekend


in the village

last week


in Lucknow​

last Saturday​

  1. My parents __________________ in Orissa last year.
  2. I ______________ at a concert on Tuesday.
  3. Tanu ________________ at the baker’s yesterday.
  4. Abhi ________________ at the cinema two days ago.
  5. You _________________ in the village last week.
  6. Aashna _________________ at home last Saturday.
  7. We __________________ at the seaside last weekend.
  8. They _________________ at home in the evening.
  9. It ___________________ sunny yesterday.

Exercise 12



​Stadium, exhibition

Complete the conversation with was / were.

A: Where __________ Dhruvi last Saturday?

B: She __________ at the stadium.

A: __________ you there, too?

B: No, I __________ at home. And you?

A: My brothers, my sisters and I __________ at the exhibition.

     By the way, where __________ your brothers that day?

B: I don’t know where my brother Jay __________ .

     He __________ at home with me but the others __________


Task 1


With this activity students ask each other questions that they may or may not remember the answer to. For example Where were you last Tuesday night at dinner time? or Where were you when xx important thing happened? You can explain that some historical events or other news events leave such an impression on us, we will always remember what we were doing and where we were at the time that thing happened. Sometimes our memories are very clear and sometimes they are not. You may want to provide prompts so the students get the idea and then have them generate their own questions. Some ideas for prompts are:

26/11or 26 July (relevant for people in Mumbai) No idea about major events in Hyderabad

The earthquake/ flood ( if there hasn’t been a earthquake or flood during the student’s lifetime, you can allow them to use their imagination to come up with details. The more they let their imaginations run wild, the more interesting the activity will get)

Last Thursday at 8PM/ any day of the week

When aliens landed on earth

When Rajnikant/ (any favourite icon of the students) visited Hyderabad.

When your mother called you for dinner yesterday

When you last missed English class

When you were punished by your teacher

When India won the cricket world cup (in 2011)?

When your friend met with an accident?

When your father phoned you yesterday evening?

​An hour ago

​This morning


Last night

Last week

Two weeks ago

Last year

Two days ago

Last Saturday

Last Sunday

in 2013

A week ago

When I was six

Yesterday afternoon

When I was 10

Yesterday evening

Five years ago

Last summer

A month ago

In 2012

Last winter​

A long time ago​

Ten years ago​

Last month​

You can also make this into a bluff game by telling students who don’t remember to make something up. For example, I was doing laundry when my mom called or I was driving my car when I heard about 26/11. Their partners can then guess whether the answer is true or not.


Write 12 key times on little squares (Example 8am, 10pm, 12pm, 5pm, 7am etc) Put them in a box. The student whose turn it is pull one square. He must then make a sentence using the sentence structure- ‘Yesterday I was at (particular place) at (the time he picked) o’ clock. You may put in a few wild card squares with ? on them. Here the child can choose any time he likes.

Task 2


Give each student a list of places such as the one given below. Place students in pairs. Each student must then ask his partner when he was last at the places given in the list. Each student must note down his partner’s answers. Once the interaction part is done, the students must form complete sentences in the simple past using the information they have gathered.

Place list

  • in the park
  • at school
  • at your friend’s house
  • in a restaurant, in the bus
  • in your hometown
  • at Char Minar
  • at the cinema
  • at English class
  • at home
  • in bed
  • at the railway station
  • in an hospital
  • at the market
  • at the bakery
  • at the seaside
  • at a party
  • in the kitchen.

Task 3



Get different toys or balls of different colours and place them in different parts of the classroom (near the window, on the teacher’s chair, on a mat, near the door, between two students etc). Allow the children to look around and memorize where the different objects are. Then take the objects away and ask the students to note down on a sheet were each object was. The student who has the most grammatically correct sentences and the student whose memory is the best are the winners.

So Much In Common- (Don’t really know how practical this activity will be)

Students work in pairs to discover the times when they were in the same place. They start with questions like “Where were you at 7p.m.?”. Each pair should try to find at least three times when they were at the same place. (all three places need to be different. ie. The students cannot say at 8 am we were in school. At 10 am we were in school and at 1pm we were in school) They must then share this with the class. ‘At 7pm we were both at home.” Or at “9PM we were both in school” or at “7AM we were both in the bathroom”

NOTE: Make it very clear to the students that the point of this activity is to practise their understanding of the sentence structure and not to be the first pair to find similarities. They must be honest and not make false claims about where they were at a particular time just to find the similarity with their partners.

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