Sentence structure 9


This is the ninth SS for Level 1. To understand this SS student is expected to have a working knowledge upto SS-8. You can confirm their knowledge by taking them through the Level Selector Test.

How to use this SS?

After setting up the class follow these steps:

First, cover the vocabulary section by explaining to the student the meaning of the words in their local language. Ask the students to note down these word meanings in their notebook. The words in the vocabulary section (below) will be used in the table which we will create next.

Now, recreate the table (below) on the black board (you can use fewer words in column 3 to speed it up). After this, make some sentences using the match the following style i.e. choose one word from 1st column then choose an appropriate word from second and then choose the appropriate 3rd column phrase/word. Demonstrate this process to the students and lead them to make few more sentences like this. A few sample sentences made using the table words are given below the table for quick reference.

After this stage students when you feel that students have some clarity about the Table then begin the individual exercises. The exercises can be taught in any order but it is recommended to teach them in the given order. After the exercises move on to the story section. This section is made so that students are able to apply all the sentences taught in this SS in their day to day conversations.

​About this SS

New things to teach

Here the adjectives (Part 3) will be more focused on feelings rather than stating the fact e.g. I was tired last night : The ball was green yesterday => the second sentence is less common.

#Part 4 can be put before Part 1 as well for certain sentences e.g. /last night, I was late for dinner. And it is optional (many times in case of noun in Part 3).








My mother

Her elder brother Rakesh

My best friend Raj

That boy/This girl

The weather/The sky











dark purple​


yesterday afternoon

on Sunday morning

last Sunday

on Monday evening

3 days back

last week/month/year​

Using the Table


Exercise 1





​Cloudy, windy, rainy, sunny, snowy

  1. Wednesday it ……………………………………………………………….
  2. Friday it …………………………………………………………………………
  3. Thursday it ……………………………………………………………………
  4. Today it ………………………………………………………………………….
  5. Tuesday it ……………………………………………………………………..

Exercise 2






A-Hair, height, inches, relative, cousins, aunt, uncle, morning, puppet show, beach, seaside

B-Holiday, work, film

A-Beautiful, long, happy

B-Small, clean, ill, hungry, tasty, late, angry, busy, tired



A. Fill in the blanks with was/wasn’t/were/weren’t.

I remember this day very well. I ____ fourteen years old. My hair _____ long and my height _____ 5 feet 4 inches. I ____ with my mother and her relatives at the seaside. My father ___ not there. We _____ at the beach. My cousins __________also there. My aunt and uncle _______ with us on that day. It ____ a beautiful morning. There _______ a Chhota Bheem puppet show on the beach that day. We ___ all very happy.

B.Fill in the correct form! was/were (+) or wasn’t/weren’t (-)

  1. On our ​last holiday, we ______________(-) happy with the hotel. The room _____________(+) small and it _____________ (-) clean
  2. Mihir ___________ (-) at work last week. He ___________ (+) ill.
  3. Yesterday’s film ___________ (-) very long. I ___________ (+) happy.
  4. Yesterday we _____(+) very hungry. Unfortunately, our food ____(-) very tasty.
  5. Day before yesterday I ____ (+) late for class. My teacher ___ (+)angry.
  6. Last Sunday ____ (+) a busy day. At night we____(+) very tired.

Exercise 3





Public (holiday)​

​Complete the table.




Were they happy last Sunday?

​My uncle was angry yesterday.

​Was the dinner tasty last night?

​The people were not sad after the earthquake.

​It was a public holiday last Friday.

​I was not 18 years old last year.

Exercise 4



​Married, right, thirsty, sleepy

Find and correct mistakes.

  1. They aren’t hungry yesterday.
  2. She was married last year?
  3. After work, he were tired.
  4. Where was they last night?
  5. How was she old last month?
  6. We wasn’t thirsty in the afternoon.
  7. I’m not late last night.
  8. You sleepy in the morning?

Exercise 5




​Meeting, policeman, firefighter


Create a sentence using the words below and the correct form of the adjective ‘to be’. Sometimes the adjective needs to appear twice in a sentence and in different tenses.

  1. Meeting/ I/ to/ the/ late
  2. Lucky/ friend/ very/ my
  3. 21st/ the/ yesterday/ the/ today/ 22nd
  4. Policeman/ firefighter/ Shyam/ not/ a/ a/and

Exercise 6




​Fill in the blanks with was/wasn't/were/weren't.

I ____ ill last month.

Alia ____ happy yesterday evening.

It ___ a public holiday yesterday.

You _____ tired on Tuesday.

We ____ late yesterday.

My sister ____ 25 last year.

They ____ sad this weekend.

Abhi _____ unhappy two days ago.

Priyanka ______ tired yesterday.

Exercise 7





​Surprised, Sad

Answer in full sentences.

A.How were the following people yesterday? (use adjectives)

  • You
  • Your mother
  • Your sibling
  • Your friend
  • Your teacher

B.When were you last:

Happy, angry, sad, tired, surprised, ill

Exercise 8





​Summer, office, surprise birthday party, city hospital

Poor hot​

Was taken​

Picture Diaries

Look at the pictures given below. Try and identify how the people shown in the picture are feeling. Then complete the table given below.

(NOTE: If you feel filling the table will be too hard for your class, you may simplify the exercise by providing the adjective box given below and by highlighting the parts of the information below the pictures that will help them fill the ‘when’ part of the table.)

Adjective box: Happy, sad, tired, thirsty, surprised, angry, ill

This is my picture. It was taken three weeks ago.​

​This is Mrs. Gill. This picture was taken yesterday morning.

This is Aryan Saxena. This picture was taken at Aryan’s office last Friday.​

​This picture shows a poor boy called Raj. It was clicked at January in a city hospital.

This is Zeeshan. This picture was taken at his surprise birthday party last month.​

​This is Rama’s picture. It was taken last summer on a hot afternoon.

​This is the picture of Aarushi and her mother. It was taken in 2004 after the earthquake.

​Complete the table given below.


Past tense of 'be'






three weeks ago​

Mrs. Gill





Aarushi and her mother​

Exercise 9




Pragya is a lovely young girl. See Pragya’s pictures given below. How was she feeling at the given points in time? Answer in full sentences.

​Feeling Box: Happy, scared, tired, angry, sad

​Day before yesterday

​Last Sunday

​Last month

Last night​

​10 minutes ago

Exercise 10




​Nails, bag, room

​Short, messy, light (opposite of heavy)

​A. Match the following sentences with their meaning.

​Amruta’s hair was short last year.

​Kabir chacha was tired yesterday.

​I was happy this morning.

Anjali's hair were long a month ago.​

I was sad yesterday.​

B. Match the sentences to their opposites.​

Anu’s nails were long yesterday.​

​Anamika’s room was messy on Sunday.

​Raj’s bag was light on Friday.

Cell content

Exercise 11





Birthday, song, mood

Excited, hurt, overjoyed

​Remembered, wished, went, shouted, came, changed

​Read the passage below aand answer the following questions.

The Surprise Birthday Party

Hi! I am Pari. Last month, on the sixteenth of May, it was my 11th birthday. In the morning I was very excited. However, soon my mood changed. No one remembered my birthday and no one wished me. I was hurt. I went to school. There too it was the same. I was so angry! I was sad all day long. When I went home after school, I was so surprised. When I came in, all my family and friends were there. They all shouted ‘Surprise!’ and sang the birthday song. I was overjoyed. We had a lot of fun that day. At night I was very tired, but happy. It was my best birthday.


When was Pari’s birthday? How was she in the morning?

When was Pari angry?

How was Pari at night?

Was Pari hurt when she came home from school?

Was Pari sad on her birthday?

List all of Pari’s feelings on her birthday.


Task 1


Pair activity.

Teacher needs to explain meanings of all the pointers BEFORE the activity starts. More pointers can be added.

Answers should be adjective based. All answers should be in full sentence.

Your friend went to a party last night.

Ask how the party was, who was at the party, ask questions about the decoration, the dance, the guests, and the food.

Your friend went to a new restaurant last night.

Ask what kind of restaurant it was, the kind of food it served, the service, the ambience

Your friend went to the movies last night.

Ask about the movie, the kind of movie he/she watched, the length, the actors and his /her personal opinion.

Your friend went to a park yesterday.

Ask about the size of the park, the beauty, the toys(slides, swings etc), the weather, the other children.


Write different feeling related adjectives on different slips of paper. Fold them and place them in a bowl. Have your students draw out one slip at a time. The student must tell the class when they experienced that emotion the last time and why/ what lead to them experiencing that emotion?

Emotion list:

Happy, sad, tired, angry, hungry, thirsty, ill, surprised, scared, hurt, etc


Happy-I was happy last Sunday because my father got me a gift.

Task 2


Part 1

HOW DID YOU FEEL WHEN: (This activity contains a lot of verbs in the past tense. This sentence structure has not yet been covered. The teacher may either explain these verbs separately or may return to this activity after completing the relevant sentence structure (12))

Give each student the following list and ask them to write out answers in full sentences using the verb ‘was’

Your mother shouted at you | Your teacher praised you | Your friend fought with you | You had to work the whole day | You had a fever and cold | Your friend got you a gift | Your parents got you a new cycle without telling you | When you were late for class | When you friend lost your book | When you smelt delicious food | When you walked for one full hour | When you had not finished your homework | You slept very late and woke up very early the next day.

When someone died

When your brother took your things without your permission.

Your friends forgot your birthday

Part 2

This activity does NOT make use of the temporal preposition section given in the sentence structure.

The students answers for Part 1 should somewhat match the list given below. You can use this list to tally answers. Once that is done,

Write the items of the list below on different slips of paper. Students are supposed to pick a slip and enact both, the emotion and the reason. A point will be awarded only after the class guesses the entire sentence, that too in a grammatically correct manner.

Sad-Your mother shouted at you

Happy-Your teacher praised you

Sad-Your friend fought with you

Tired-You had to work the whole day

Ill-You had a fever and cold

Happy-Your friend got you a gift

Surprised-Your parents got you a new cycle without telling you

Afraid-When you were late for class

Tired/Hungry- After exercising a lot

Surprised-You met your teacher at the cinema

Angry-When you friend lost your book.

Hungry-When you smelt delicious food.

Tired-When you walked for one full hour.

Afraid-When you had not finished your homework

Tired-You slept very late and woke up very early the next day.

Sad-When your grandfather died.

Example: The class must answer ‘you were sad when your grandfather died.

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