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Want to teach English?

Without a curriculum you can't start teaching. Take the first step here. 
This course will teach you how to create your very own 
10-page long English curriculum 
that you can use to deliver your first few English lessons. 

It works even if you have never taught before 

In this 6-part video course you will discover how to:


Your students will come to you with set expectations. They would want to learn English that they can use in their college classrooms, official emails, casual conversations etc. But without a curriculum to follow, you won't be able to fulfill any of these requirements. You need to know what to teach before you can actually start teaching. Therefore, you need a curriculum to start teaching. 

Through this free course, you will learn how to create the first 10 pages of your curriculum. In these 10 pages you will learn how to teach English for fulfilling a specific purpose. Since we are at the beginning our curriculum, the specific purpose will be to teach your students how to introduce themselves in English.

Moreover, the curriculum design approach that you will discover in this video course will help you create 'purpose specific curriculum' for all the requirements of your future students. Be it conversational English, formal written English or blogging style English - you would be able to use this approach to create a curriculum to teach your students whatever English language related skills they require.


Right from the alphabets! You never know who your next student might be. It's always better to start teaching from the fundamentals to ensure that you leave no gaps in your student's learning journey. In this course, you will learn how to enable your student to progress from English alphabets to words to simple English sentences in a smooth hassle free manner.


If you can read, write and speak legible English, then you are perfectly capable of teaching English as well. This is what we strongly believe in. This course has been specially designed to enable such English speakers to start teaching English, online or offline. In this course, we will give you the required perspective and guidance to start teaching from scratch. Prior knowledge about teaching or subject matter expertise in English grammar is NOT required. Moreover, as part of this course, we will also give you the exact actions that you need to perform to discover your own teaching niche.


You will discover a unique visual method of teaching sentence formation in English - using columned Tables. This method will help you teach English in a very well structured 'mathematical' way. And generally students grasp mathematical and logic based concepts much more easily than lingual concepts. This tabular approach significantly increases the student's engagement in class and retention capacity, and decreases the revision time. This approach also makes a teacher's pre-class preparation hassle-free. The approach has a lot of other far reaching benefits as well which you can read about here

Here are somethings that You’ll Get...

You will get 6 actionable videos that you can watch at your own pace. They will give you all the steps required to create your 10-page English curriculum Ebook

A lot of support documents in the form or google docs and internal/external website links will be provided to supplement the videos

This course will help you get started on your English teaching journey by providing you a resource i.e. an initial curriculum that will remain a cornerstone in all your future teaching endeavors. 

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