We are building an open source English curriculum which can be used by any English literate person in India to teach his/her unschooled students English, to help them gain access to a better life.




Where does this curriculum fit in ?

The curriculum is designed to play the role of a
big Walmart store of teaching content and associated guidelines
from which the volunteer (any English literate person who wants to teach English) can choose what's suitable for teaching his/her students, customize it, and then serve the student with 'bite sized learning portionsin the form of a lesson plans

We support the teacher by providing use-cases/guidelines for everything. And update the curriculum regularly based on our teachers' feedback.

Services we offer

Because of the vast volunteering experience of the team and our interaction with various education based NGOs we understand the major problems that NGOs and individual volunteers face when it comes to implementing and sustaining a English teaching setup..

And so we have created a set of support services to help the NGOs and interested individuals setup a English teaching facility from scratch OR get help for maintain an existing one. These support services closely revolve around our curriculum.  

Collaborate with us

Be our collaboration partner and get free support
Its a win-win

We welcome NGOs and individual teaching volunteers who want to implement this curriculum in their teaching program and provide us with specific feedback on different aspects of the lesson plans in this curriculum. In return we will provide them free support (detailed in the 'Services we offer' section).