Services we offer


Complete support for English teaching volunteers

We will provide full support to the volunteers, who will be teaching English in a classroom setting for an NGO or otherwise, for a certain number of months/weeks, to enable them to achieve measurable progress w.r.t English skills (speaking and writing) in their students. Our support will be in the form of:

  • Customized English Teaching ContentWe will help the volunteer(s) prepare customized lesson plans (from our curriculum) for teaching English (written and spoken both) based on his/her students’ specific requirements. We will teach the volunteer all the customization techniques and processes that he can employ on the content on a regular basis to enable him/her to create highly effective teaching sessions. With this approach, volunteer would never face any dilemma w.r.t. What to teach?

  • Teaching Methodology guidance: to teach the English teaching content we will make available to the volunteer an array of tried and tested teaching methodologies and teaching aids. With these customizable methodologies at hand, the teacher would never face any dilemma w.r.t. How to teach?

  • Personalized support: Other than email support, we will also schedule weekly calls with the volunteer wherein he/she can ask for content specific help and get doubts cleared. With this weekly interaction the teacher will never deviate in his/her teaching and will always keep his/her teaching content and teaching methodology updated. So with our support, teacher would never have any dilemma w.r.t. how long should he/she teach a lesson? AND If he/she is going in the right direction?


Content support for corporate volunteers

For the corporate volunteers, who have a limited set of hours to volunteer as part of their CSR activity, we will provide them a platform through which they can use these volunteering hours meaningfully to achieve measurable results at the end of the volunteering session. Here is what we will provide as part of the platform:

  • Customized hour specific teaching content which would be created after getting the specific requirement of the students (i.e. age, class, background etc.) whom they are going to teach. The teaching content would be such that it would enable the students to learn a specific skill in those few hours of interaction e.g. how to express their feeling, how to write a short story, and how to speak about their daily problems etc.

  • Orientation session to help the volunteers make the most of their time with the students and create cherished memories for themselves and their students.

  • A host of Interactive Activities to enable the volunteers to help their student take with them what they have been taught well beyond the classroom; into their daily lives. These would include both the group and the individual focused activities.


If you are interested in knowing how the services above can help your volunteers become more effective English teachers and your students much better at English, please drop a mail to